Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and overflow?

I come to declutter and organize your home to make your spaces more functional and comfortable for you and your family. Home organizing can be applied to any room in your home or just one problem area.


Sorting and decluttering your home

Decluttering your home can often be daunting. Feeling overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff, not knowing where to start or putting it off until tomorrow. I accompany you with kindness during the sorting of your things and help you to distinguish between the essential and the superfluous. I also take care of the disposal of your belongings: donations to associations, sale of your belongings, transportation to the waste disposal center.
organisation déménagement

I help you declutter and organize every room in your home


Tidying and organizing your spaces

Do you feel like you spend your time tidying up but the clutter persists? Is your home cluttered with objects and clothes that no longer reflect the life you aspire to? An event motivates you to de-clutter and reorganize your home?

I offer you solutions to lighten your home, put an end to clutter and organize every corner of your home. My tidying and organizing methods aim to make daily tasks easier to accomplish and improve your well-being at home. Let’s discuss your storage needs and eliminate the cloud of clutter that surrounds your home and your mind once and for all.

Triez et organisez vos espaces - Bo Rangement, home organiser à Vevey

Free consultation

I offer a free consultation to talk about your organizational needs and determine which rooms in your home you need support with.

Key steps of a project

Visit to your home

We set up a first appointment by phone so that you can talk to me about your organizational needs.

Estimate and schedule

On the basis of our meeting I will send you a quote and a proposed timetable for the mission.

Decluttering and organizing

Together we will sort, declutter, organize and optimize your home.

And now, enjoy!

Take a breath and start this new chapter of your life in a tidy and organized home, surrounded by what brings you happiness.